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06-01-2017 Science Daily featured CHoP Study showing positive results with Buzzy for IV placement

03-08-2016 Forbes featured Dr. Baxter for creating a Buzzy Over Pain Relief

03-06-2016 Dr. Amy Baxter is featured as a Mover and Shaker in Phlebotomy Today

01-07-2016 Global News shows Buzzy® in use in Alberta Children's Hospitals pain relief program

12-30-2015 We were featured in Forbes' How Four Visionaries Created High-Revenue Businesses On A Shoestring

09-28-2015 The Wall Street Journal covers Buzzy®

08-13-2015 Forbes lists MMJ Labs as "10 Healthcare Technology Disruptors To Watch (All Led By Women)"

05-19-2015 US News and World Report covers Buzzy® for fighting pain

05-13-2015 Georgia Health News talks about Buzzy®

08-2015 Buzzy® is mentioned on the Hallmark Channel's "Home and Family"

07-15-2015 BuzzFeed has Buzzy® on 19 Brilliant Parent Invented Product to Make Your Life Easier

11-12-14 Incredibly honored to be mentioned in the US Chamber of Commerce magazine. "Free Enterprise" indeed! Buzzy is increasing our GDP and being a good steward!

9-24-2014 Dr. Baxter is in amazing company! Elisabeth Brown, Sylvia Burwell and more! Top disruptors in healthcare MDDI

8-11-2014 grasshopper.com lessons from Shark Tank: Don't forget why you're in business (Dr. Baxter supports affordable personal pain relief)



7-29-2014 Atlanta CEO Council -Innovative Pain disruptor

6-6-2014: Buzzy featured in mEDGadget.

6-6-2014: Buzzy featured in BabyBullet's Blog: No Pain, a Real Gain!

5-28-2014 The brilliant Brian Buntz talks innovation with Dr. Amy for QMed.

5-22-2014: BuzzFeed and GE featured Dr. Amy Baxter and Buzzy's story in a video.

5-16-2014: Atlanta Business Chronicle showcased Dr. Amy Baxter's studies on needle phobia.

5-13-2014 WIRED Magazine featured Buzzy in their Wearable Tech Round-up.

5-12-2014 SPRYLiving featured Dr. Amy Baxter in their, "Five Most Influential Women In Medicine" series.

3-25-2014: Pharmacy Times featured Buzzy in their Gadget Guide

3-22-2014 Dr. Amy Baxter speaks with IdeasUploaded about Buzzy

3-17-2014 Global Atlanta: Atlanta exports pain relief - Buzzy!

3-01-2014 Buzzy featured on ABC's Shark Tank. Episode available here.

2-28-2014: Buzzy showcased on MedCityNews.

2-28-2014 Buzzy featured on SharkTankSuccess Blog

2-28-2014 Buzzy and Dr. Amy Baxter featured on Access Atlanta.

2-27-2014 Dr. Amy Baxter featured on Heinleins society website.

2-27-2014: The Hollywood Reporter does a sneak peek on Buzzy's Shark Tank episode.

2-23-2014: TheNerdyNurse discusses Buzzy and Shark Tank.

2-14-2014 Atlanta Journal Constitution - "Medical Innovation" front of Sunday paper business section.

1-21-2014 Buzzy is featured on Money.CNN.com

1-16-14 Julian Smith "Paging Dr. MacGyver" Medium.com

1-15-14 One of the BEST unsolicited reviews ever - we cried! So wise! So fantastic!

1-14-14 Magic Tricks for Needle Sticks: Living with Juvenile Arthritis

1-9-2014 CNET Crave Blog "A friendly little gadget" to "take the pain out of injections."

1-8-2014 BootCamp report on gadgets and gear: A Gadget that takes the Pain Away from Shots!

1-3-2014 Inc. Magazine's Bill Murphy gives great entrepreneurial wisdom.

1-2-2014 Nice shout out to Buzzy on LifeHacker

12-2013 Contemporary Pediatrics "Best New Tech of 2013!" "...there is now a smaller version of the very popular Buzzy device, the Mini Buzzy (MMJ Labs; Atlanta, Georgia), that reduces the pain associated with needlesticks. The Buzzy is a small vibrating plastic device fitted with a cold pack that is positioned “between the brain and the pain”; eg, above the needlestick on the arm. The device saturates sensory nerve endings with cold and vibration, interfering with the transmission of pain. Many patients in my practice request that the Buzzy be used for their immunizations."

12-20-13 Buzzy makes Top Health TECH 2013!! New Zealand herald

11-11-2013 Springwise.com features Buzzy

11-8-13 TEDx Peachtree. Dr. Baxter speaks of Buzzy and the rise of needle phobia as a public health concern here.

10-9-2013 NPR All Tech Considered An Innovation Worthy of Some Buzz!

10-5-2013 Dr. Amy describes how and why Buzzy works, and tells part of the vibrator story

10-2013 PracticeLink Physician Entrepreneurs

8-24-2013 Coolest Gadgets for shots on CoolGadgets.com

8-23-2018 Thanks, Andrew Grush! "Naturally blocks Pain" Mobile Magazine

8-22-2013 Karen Klein of Bloomberg.com talking about Buzzy's financial well-being - "Holy Grail Business"

8-15-2013 Fox News Laura's Likes - DistrACTION cards. "Instant boredom buster. Who knew?"

8-7-2013 Mother Of Invention - great feature by the inventor of the OOPSSheet!

8-1-2013 MedCity News Devices that don't look like devices!

7-31-13 Mom.me Cool Mom inventions. "Response from moms and docs has been off-the-charts!"

7-30-2013 Entrepreneurship.org - When Doctors should go Full Time.

7-05-2013 Seven Summer Survival Must-haves

7-01-2013 Contemporary Pediatrics High Tech for Pediatric Practices. Make immunizations better, and offices more efficient! "Cold and vibration impulses dull discomfort from injections."

7-01 - 2013 Belly Ballot, a social baby naming forum

6-11-2013 Buzzy at MedCity's CONVERGE - "ice packs that instantly relieve pain!"

6-10-2013 Health Central "Insulin injections and Buzzy - Working together to alleviate pain." - Dr. Fran Cogen

6-1-2013 Health and Beauty - Personal Pain Control as a CoolBusinessIdea.com

5-22-2013 Mashable post of Nic Halvorsen's Discovery News. 678 shares in 3 hours!

5-19-2013 MakerFaire streaming live 4:30 PST: "Hacking Healthcare: How Makers can Save Medicine".

5-17-13 Insulin Nation. "She hasn't got time for the pain"

5-2013 The Rheumatologist May Issue Tech Talk: Contraption reduces pain. "Now I never miss a dose."

4-29-2013 Mom-illionaire Dr. Amy Baxter - Fortune blog, "Dedicated to Service"

4-24-2013 Gerri Willis Fox Business News

4-18-2013 MORE Magazine "Failure was not an option" .pdf from author Jillian Keenan here.

4-4-2013 Gadgets for Mothers

4-2-13 Wall Street Journal, Dr. Baxter is The Idea Person - Innovation and Creativity

3-20-13 Best Presentation, Top 10 Innovators in Georgia Technology Association of Georgia

3-13-13 What People Earn PARADE Magazine

The Jeff Probst Show! 3-6-3013 - "Moms with Millionaire Ideas"

2-7-2013 Texas Children's Magazine Blog

1-7-2013 Momentumnation "Shots, Your Child, and Buzzy"

1-2013 Cool Mom Inventions Mom.me

12-11-2012 Phenomenal article in the Huffington Post Marlo Thomas "It Ain't Over"

11-8-2012 An excellent article about the rise of MomPreneurs. Thanks to Stacey and Grasshopper.com. So honored to be featured alongside legents like Mabel's LabelsThe Comfort Company, and Babbaco.

11-2012 Entrepreneur Magazine talks about Buzzy, and the fear of jumping into business.

Nov. 5 2012 We were Scooped on My Product Scoop!

2012: TMC Tucson Medical Center Brings Buzzy to Pediatrics.

10-22-2012 We Shall Overcome - Juvenile Arthritis blog. "Shot night just got a whole lot easier!"

8-8-12 How fantastic! Thanks to TheBump.com, Buzzy was invited to be featured on Fox and Friends! Buzzy segment starts at 2:30.

8-2-2012 Sharon Silver's lovely article about things that help parents cooperate with kids features Buzzy! We love her proactive parentingphilosophy and advice!

7-25-2012 We congratulate Kidela at Kidela.com for the launch of their new news and community website! We are proud to be one of their inaugural interviews. This is one of the best and most comprehensive videos about the invention and company story out there. See Dr. Amy Baxter's interview with Kidela !

6-20-2012 Intentional sustainable growth! Buzzy gets a shout out on CNNMoney.com quoted from Forbes.com Lovely article by Elaine Pofeldt.

6-2011 Dr. Baxter named #1 of the top 15 women to watch in Tech by Inc. magazine!

March 2012: Ideas Uploaded - One of the most comprehensive interveiws ever about Buzzy's take on the business process.

Mom.me gave us a shout out!

January 2012 In Babytalk Magazine, Buzzy is idea #65 on the "100 Bright Ideas and Innovations" list!

2011 Babble.com Top 50 Mompreneurs: Dr. Baxter is #1 in Health, Safety and Fitness!

12-21-2011 Shriner's hospitals "Buzzy Bee helps make shots pain-free!"

12-15-2011 Buzzy in Contemporary Pediatrics: "I volunteered for a needlestick and found it virtually painless....Every pediatrician should consider using Buzzy". Andrew Schuman MD

12-5-2011 "Buzzy is one of the greatest inventions ever."

11-25-2011 "Students give Buzzy gift to Hospital" NBN News, Newcastle. Amazing fundraiser reported on the news.

11-2011 "Genius Product" says Cincinnati Family. "Shot stings no more"

10-20-2011 Buzzy in WebMD: "I had my flu vaccine last year with the Buzzy and it was 100% painless." Rod Moser PA PhD

10-17-2011 Fundraising for Buzzy Pain Relief! Coastrider.net

10-17-2011 KOKH Fox 25 Oklahoma: Buzzy and Bee-Stractors Distraction Action

9-23-2011 Wizzley on Buzzy "A genius Device"

9-21-2011 WYFF4 Greenville, SC Buzzy Video! Shriner's Hospital

9-20-2011 Mom of Two little Monkeys:

8-20-2011 Hudson Valley Parent: Shots are made easier

8-10-2011 Buzzy in DiabetesMine: "Something cool for the CWD crowd, I’d say! We love the aesthetic on this one." -AmyT

9-30-2011 ABC kids stuff preview

7-30-11 Lauren Drell totally got this scoop! AOL small business, "27 Million and Counting"

7-22-2011 Buzzy in Pediatric Safety

6/27/2011 Very proud to be the first of MoxieQ's Smart Women, Smart Ideas

4-17-2011 Oakland County Moms

3-2011 American Academy of Pediatrics recommends Buzzy! March issue of AAP Immunizations Initiative Newsletter (p. 2)

Buzzy mentioned in Health Sentinel: Child life specialists take the worry out of children's surgery -

For Lilly and Spencer, one of the coolest things was the buzzing bee. It is a vibrating ice pack in the shape and color of a bee and is one of several options children can pick to ease the discomfort of getting a needle poke. It works on the gate theory that, if you in some way block the pain pathway between the needle insertion site and the brain's pain receptors, the sensation of pain is thwarted.
“It worked,” Lilly DeArmond said.

Buzzy is featured in The Parent World -

A genius way to help kids overcome their fear of shots.

Buzzy and Bee-Stractors are recommended as the best baby shower gifts on abc15.com. Read "Baby Shower Gifts That Grow with Your Child" by Haley Madden.

My Springfield Mommy: blogger explains how to use Buzzy and then also says that the product helped her son a great deal to manage pain:

"In my opinion, Buzzy is a great item for any first aid kit at home (wings in freezer, so they are ready to go) or in a medical setting. Pain Management is key for any age group and having Buzzy to help drug free is a great thing! I know we will be taking Buzzy along with us for all our future shots!”

My Milwaukee Mommy: blogger explains Buzzy and the features of the First Aid Kit:

“I am happy to say the Buzzy was a great distractor and kept his mind off of what was coming. This is going to be a staple at every appointment from here on out with each of my children. I highly recommend this product if you have a child who is not a fan of those inevitable shots!”

“If your kiddos have issues when it comes to going to the doctor this might just be the "lifesaver" you are looking for!”

Buzzy's review on "Twice the Love, Half the Sleep""What I love about this is you can put the distraction cards on top of the bee so your child does not see where the needle is going...."

Buzzy featured on MY CHESAPEAKE MOMMY: "BUZZY Taking the Sting Out of Shots Review"Here is a really neat idea for when you are visiting the doctor and know that shots are a part of the appointment...

"I love the Buzzy! I think the Buzzy is Big!" 
-Rachael Ray, February 24 2011
Top 50 MomPreneurs Babble.com - #1 in Health and Safety, Dr. Amy Baxter

Buzzy is in People.com Moms & Babies

Buzzy is a 2010 Huggies® MomInspired™ Grant Program recipient!

Thanks for all the awesome shout-outs! Buzzy has been reviewed or featured in . . .


40 Ways to Fignt the Flu, December 9, 2010 - Buzzy is number 37! http://www.thedoctorstv.com/main/show_synopsis/644?section=resources


9-10-2010 Spotlight on Mom entrepreneurs: http://cafeyak.com/index.php/workingmom/amy-baxter-buzzy/
O Magazine February 2010: 100 things that are better: SHOTS with Buzzy! We're number 83! http://www.oprah.com/spirit/100-Things-That-Are-Getting-Better
"4 Things You May Not Know About Vaccines," No. 4: Shots don't have to hurt so much . . .
you can use Buzzy. Woman's Day, September 2010.
Dr. Amy is on the Ziggity Zoom advisory board, publishing advice on nursemaid's elbows, summer first aid, and fevers.
June 2009 "Hurray! something that might help!"

November 10 2009 Simple Mom Reveiws: "This is one of the best creations EVER!"

Cool Mom Picks June 17 2009 "The new big thing in doctor's offices any day now"

June 23, 2009 "Very cool gadget!"

August 5, 2009 Mommy and Me Days "Relieving the pain of getting shots..."

August 18, 2009 "You go, Girl!"

Conceive Magazine August, 2009 page 16: "A bee that takes away the sting!"

Thanks for the mention in an awesome kid's mom's blog! Love That Max! To the MAX (Take that, cerebral Palsy!) November 2, 2009 "It definitely made the shots less painful!"

Breathe Summer 2010 A healthy lifestyle magazine for active women: Buzzy reduces bee sting pain.

Mamaista, the chic little daily for moms June 23, 2009 "Feeling no Pain"

Institute for Family Centered Care Newsletter September 2009 "works through scientific principles to block nerves"

Tom's Guide Best of Media July 28, 2009 "Positive tech solution . . . definite improvement in the tolerability of the procedure"